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Opening times for students in 2018


The secretary is open for students on working days (without Wednesday) from Monday until Friday in the time from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. (closed on Wednesday) Students can contact us within mentioned opening time also by phone on following numbers 030-838-50526 und 030-838-50528. Having a look at our job offers is possible through our daily list. (only in German at following link Tagesliste) Outside of our opening hours we are calling the students, who are registered on daily list, if there is any job left from our job offers. As a student please use our Jobline 030-45482349 or 030-45482359 to gain information about our job offers and with that you are automatically registering yourself to our daily list. At the moment please look atstudent jobs available (only in German at following link Studentenjobs) The jobs with CCC need no german knowledge.

Location: in the Freie Universitšt Berlin, Otto-von-Simson-Str. 26,Seminarzentrum Rost- und Silberlaube, room L110, 14195 Berlin

The sending of jobcard for self pick-upper and follow-jobcards, please order by E-mail at

The job offers we are accepting by phone or E-mail at through filling out our online job questionnaire. (only in German at following link Jobformular)

By employment of students as an employer you can save on costs up to 28% of gross salary with using our invoice templates. (only in German at following link Abrechnungsbeispielen)

Very often mediation for employment still at the same or the following day. With every mediation is the salary calculation already included. Besides that we are doing for quite small fee also social security registration and contribution statements.

Whenever you are undertaking something in Berlin and surroundings, we are glad to cooperate with you. Your effektiv team.


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*links are only available in German at the moment