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Let our students support you at your work!

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Every day we are being contacted by students looking for jobs.

If you look for student helpers in Berlin, we provide them for you fast and solid.

We find suitable candidates for vacancies like movers in the short term and moreover cost-effective for you. Often still on the same day we are asked for a placement.

The major financial advantage is defined by the ability to provide the students exactly on the day and to the time, when they are needed. The financial advantage that you can get from cooperation with students is defined by reasonable costs for the social insurance, which sometimes can be 0% in case of employment without contract.

All the students have to be social insured. For an additional fee we will also contact the studentís health insurance provider on your behalf and pass on the relevant information as required.

The calculation of wage tax/ contacting the studentís health insurance provider costs only 28.75 Euro per person and calculation (excluding VAT). With later time price can be higher,




The students are normally proper-educated or have the vast experience in various professional spheres. They can help you in the office or doing some odd jobs.

Just contact us and let us know your requirements.

We are certain to help, often even on the same day! Our service costs start up with 25,99 Euro including VAT per person and only successful placement for private employers and 39,00 Euro excluding VAT per person and only successful placement for companies.